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Staff Sharing

Zhang Xiaohong

Has been with HFT for 8 years

HFT Career path: Shop Assistant (II) ⇒ Shop Assistant (I) ⇒ Crew Leader ⇒ Assistant Shop Manager ⇒ Shop Manager

I have been working with Hung Fook Tong for eight years. I am appreciated with the company that provides many learning and advancement opportunities to staffs.


I am happy with my working life in Hung Fook Tong since my company is a big warm family and my supervisor looks like my Mum to help me to explore my strengths, provide encouragement and support in my learning continuously.


I am so glad and feel a sense of accomplishment in my job because there are a wide range of products provided by the company which is beneficial to improve clients’ health, which in turn to enhance my motivation for my job.


Everyday I need to serve with different kinds of customers with different requests. My target is to satisfy all their needs, however it is not easy to do so. Fortunately there are different kinds of training programs provided by the company including herbal knowledge lesson, one to one management skills training lesson and interview skills workshop, etc. For those are very helpful to improve my skills in providing customer services more professionally.


I believe everything should be fine if you have a positive attitude and do it diligently.


Cheng Kam Long

Has been with HFT for 6 years 

HFT Career path: Trainee ⇒ Shop Assistant (I) ⇒ Crew Leader ⇒ Assistant Shop Manager ⇒ Shop Manager ⇒ Assistant District Officer

I have been with Hung Fook Tong for six years. I was promoted from a trainee to an assistant district officer, and I’ve learned a lot of management skills in my job.


I have learned product knowledge, traditional Chinese medicine knowledge and practical Mandarin here. I can get more information from “Hung’s Conference” and express our opinion at “Shop Manager’s Meeting” in this company with high levels of transparency.


My responsibility is to lead my store team in meeting our sales target and providing quality customer service. In addition, I spend my effort to build a good relationship with colleagues and always support with each other.

You assume something is true, however others may not agree. Therefore, we should put ourselves in their shoes no matter deal with customers or colleagues.


At one time, a customer felt unsatisfied since his coupons was expired. I tried to explain our company policy to him patiently and finally he accepted my explanation and became our VIP customer afterwards. 


At Hung Fook Tong, as long as you work hard, you will certainly get a chance to thrive.


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